Useful Safety Tips For Selling Your Home

Here are some useful safety tips for selling your home…

  1. Only allow viewers into your home accompanied by Realtor®. They diligently prequalify prospective buyers.
  2. Leave lights on during showings. This way viewers and Realtors® can move safely in your home.
  3. Ask your neighbors to help keep an eye on your property while it’s on the market. Unusual activity is normal, so criminals take advantage of this.
  4. Request viewers enter and leave through the same door.
  5. Request viewers sign a guest book and have Realtors® leave their business cards.
  6. After a showing, check all the windows, doors and other entrances to make sure they are locked.

Freedom Vault offers a private and secure place for your valuables while you transition in the selling of your home.

Reasons to store your valuables while listing your home:

  • If multiple persons come to view a home the agent can’t monitor every room.
  • If these items are not stored properly you are vulnerable for theft or fraud:
    • Gadgets & Devices – cameras, camcorder, hard drives, software discs, DVDs, etc.
    • Guns & rifles
    • Jewels & heirlooms
    • Passwords – WiFi, bank accounts, credit cards
    • Prescription drugs
    • Remotes & Keys – garage remote and spare keys

Freedom Vault customers want a safe place to store their valuables.

Risks of storing valuables at home:

  • Safes can be broken into and/or removed from your home
  • Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands (children or thieves)
  • The Rio Grande Valley is vulnerable to natural disasters – flood, fire and hurricanes

Freedom Vault is the first and only high value storage in the Rio Grande Valley!

We are proud to offer more options and less restrictions than a bank vault!

  • Anonymity
  • Insured boxes
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Coin collections and currency
  • Custom safe boxes
  • Deeds and documents (birth and marriage certificates, Wills and adoption documents)
  • Enhanced security – Iris scan
  • Gold and precious metals storage
  • Gun lockers
  • Heirlooms and jewelry storage
  • Passports
  • Privacy in vault room

Freedom Vault is far superior in safety than most homes in the event of a natural disaster.