What happens to the contents of my box if I die or become physically or mentally incapacitated?

Can more than one person have access to my box?

What forms of payment does Freedom Vault accept?

What if I lose my keys?

Does Freedom Vault insure the contents of my box?

What if I fail to pay my annual rental fee on time?

How does Freedom Vault protect its customers from potential employee dishonesty?

What can NOT be stored at Freedom Vault?

Do you have to come to Freedom Vault in person to rent a private storage box?

Why do you need a private storage box?

What can I store in a private storage box at Freedom Vault?

What is the minimum rental period for a private storage box?

What if there was a court order or subpoena served to Freedom Vault demanding access to my private storage box?

What were to happen to my private storage box if my bank fails?

How much does it cost?

Where are you located?