Anonymity (available upon request)

You may choose to remain anonymous, in which case you would use an Alias for a name on any of the forms. We will require you to choose a four or six digit private code as one layer of identity for our records, a ‘security questions card’ as a second layer of identity, and also an eye scan registration for vault door access (third). Your keys or combination will be your 4th layer. If you forget the Private Code or have trouble with the Iris scanner the security questions will help identify you. Once a box has been rented and procedures followed on site, we will ask you to fill out an ‘emergency contact card’ and place inside your box. We will NOT require a license, social security number, or fingerprints. You will have the only set of keys for your box.


Lease Agreement

Download and fill out the General Information Form by clicking here.

You do not need to provide us with your real name, use an Alias. Only fill out what you feel is necessary. Mainly the agreement is for you to read the terms and conditions and for us to know you understood them. We recommend a P.O. Box for any notices you would like for us to send. Payment can be made in cash or money order (or any form that won’t reveal your information).


Emergency Contact

Download and fill out the Emergency Contact Information Form by clicking here.

Bring it with you to place inside your secure box. This will help us, in the event of foreclosure or abandonment, to have a contact the person(s) to remedy the account and avoid auction or escheat. All information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone not listed in the Emergency Contact.


Security Questions

Download and Fill out the Security Questions Form by clicking here.

To better protect your privacy as well as your items in your secure box, we will ask you a series of questions that pertain to you. You can enter whatever you’d like as an answer, just be sure to remember what you put as your answer to the questions. This is put in place to provide you with secure storage, highest level of confidentiality and best quality of service possible.


Bring these forms with you to our office. We’ll finish the process in a matter of minutes as all that’s left is eye scan registration, box and keys assigned and payment. You’ll be on your way with your new set of keys to your new private safe box!