About Us

After establishing the very successful Affordable Attic self-storage business in ten different locations, we are branching out to offer a new line of service under the brand name Freedom Vault. We have integrated a high value storage vault in three of our locations in the Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen, Edinburg and Pharr, Texas).

This new service will provide consumers with ultra-high security, anonymous and convenient high value storage options. Locally, we are the first and only private vault in the Rio Grande Valley. We are an alternative to traditional banks who provide safety deposit boxes to bank account holders. Our business model will offer additional value that banks have not:

  • Convenient access to units, not limited to ‘bank hours’(24/7 by appointment)
  • Robust security screening measures involving biometric scans
  • Guaranteed confidentiality, including anonymity, with an easy setup and registration process (since we have multi-level security, no social security number or ID’s are required).
  • Insurance provided up to $5,000 in coverage with Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, LLC.
  • Gun storage, cash, coins, gold, precious metals, etc.

Because we live in a digital world, most have no need to physically go to a bank for basic transactions thus causing most banks to close some of their branches and withdraw from the safe deposit services. This has created a need for vault storage for those seeking to secure their valuables. In addition, burglary statistics and insurance prices have also been on the rise and thus creating a need for storing valuables outside the home.

We encourage you to visit our facilities and ask for a free tour of the vaults. We have no doubt that you will be impressed with our attention to detail and what sets us apart from traditional banks. Visit us and let our friendly staff guide you through our process.